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Session 1
  • Virginia Counselors Speak Up!
    Find out what career development activities Virginia Elementary counselors are using in the classroom, what they feel is most effective, and how they are meeting Virginia Counseling Standards. This session will discuss the results of a survey given to Virginia Elementary counselors to determine what counselors believe are the most effective strategies for meeting Virginia Counseling Standards. Learn how to create your own survey in Survey Monkey, and be a part of a follow up study to determine what school counselors in Virginia think about standards, career development, and SOLs. Learn how you can you use surveys to effectively evaluate what you are doing as a counselor in your school.

  • Integrating Career Exploration into the Core Curriculum
    Learn how to engage classroom teachers in the career development process through counselor-teacher collaboration. Discover how career exploration can be easily integrated with Virginia SOLs and core curriculum to enhance classroom learning. Create a strategic resource booklet with classroom-ready lesson plans, and discuss strategies to engross classroom teachers in this important process.

Session 2
  • Increasing Motivation in Career Development Career educators can have a major impact on student motivation when it comes to helping students connect academics to their plans for the future. Explore specific motivation models, discuss implementation, and learn strategies to motivate and engage students in the career development process. Resource toolkit provided!

  • Contest-Based Career Curriculum
    Create a challenging and creative career exploration environment while incorporating career development into the classroom with this monthly contest based career development curriculum. Students do the work, and teachers get involved. Learn more about these fantastic and free ideas to boost your school's career and college readiness potential with school wide career development contests and challenges. Materials will be provided to advertise, conduct, and share these fun contests and activities.

Fall 2013 Workshops Series

11 Workshops will be offered across the state of Virginia

  • Choose 2 out of 4 sessions. In an effort to provide more comprehensive training, we are offering a total of 4 sessions this year instead of 6 sessions as we have in the past.

  • All workshops will be held from 7:30AM-12PM. In accordance with Virginia's Licensure Renewal Manual, p. 9, we will provide 4 hours of in-classroom training during this Professional Conference.

  • Participants will earn 5 Continuing Education points for completing 4 hours of training.
    • Partial credit will not be available
    • Some sessions may fill up faster than others
    • All sessions apply to grades K-8


  • Cost: Free (Parking fees apply in Roanoke)
    • Roanoke: $5
    • Virginia Career VIEW cannot pay for parking
  • Sessions are held in computer labs / classrooms
    • Arlington: For the 10/8/2013 workshop session participants will need to bring a laptop/no computer lab available/free and accessible Internet
    • For all workshops locations: We strongly recommend bringing a flash drive (to save documents) for sessions held in the computer lab.
  • Registering online:
    • After registering for a workshop an initial email confirmation will be sent
    • Approximately one week prior to the workshop a reminder email will be sent including
      • Directions
      • Agenda
      • Parking information
      • Facilities information

  • A certificate of completion will be provided at the conclusion of each workshop


Workshop Information

Outreach Program

  • Request an Outreach
    Request a Virginia Career VIEW Outreach Coordinator for an on-site event,
    meeting, or training

Virginia Career VIEW Information Line 1-800-542-5870
( Only within the state of Virginia )