If College Isn’t Your Thing Toolkit

 About this Toolkit:   The If College Isn’t Your Thing Toolkit explores postsecondary options for students interested in learning more about college alternatives.  This toolkit includes information on on-the-job training, military careers, community colleges and technical schools, and travel and volunteer opportunities.  It also includes information for parents and educators about the importance of K-8 career development for students.

Tips for Using this Toolkit: 

  • It’s important for students to understand their choices for school and/or work after high school.  Have students complete What Are Your Choices? to better understand their options.
  • Use this toolkit to have students explore options after high school.  Have students complete the School Research T-Shirt Activity to learn about a school of interest. 
  • Use Family Chat and have students interview family members about their careers.  Then encourage students to design a plan for their future using Making a Plan.

If College Isn’t Your Thing:  Find Out More

Educator and Parent Resources

On-The-Job Training


Community Colleges/Technical Schools